Erin NicholsWell hello there! I’m Erin, nice to meet you. I double majored in English and Women’s Studies and I also have a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. Believe it or not I’ve been blogging on various domains and services since 1999. Back then the buzz word was “journaling” though, not blogging, and I had a strong tendency towards drama and over-shares. Thankfully over the years I’ve learned to reign in the types of things that I talk about in the online environment.

I grew up in Maine, best known for lobsters, blueberries, and blizzards that will bury your car until Spring. After college I lived in the exceptionally picturesque itty bitty city of Portland, Maine. Then I moved to Boston and lived in Brookline, then Cambridge, and finally Lexington. I also spent some time in San Francisco before deciding that I was truly a New England girl at heart.

I’m now back in Lexington and live with an adorable orange cat named Watson, and his eerily smart brother Dexter whom I fear is secretly a person, meows like a dinosaur, and can open doors. In my free time I love to cook and you can check out what’s going on in my kitchen at or check out TRULY random postings (mostly about Christmas and my cats) on