For many of my graduate course I was required to create class materials that would be fitting for an online environment. Several examples of these experiments are listed below:

purple_gameboyDon’t Get Pwnd By Your Students: Get the Skinny on the Sizzling Topic of Gamification and Game Based Learning (Note: This particular assignment had several requirements including the use of a KWL chart, a graphic organizer etc… and the materials had to be built out in a Google Site. So many of the assessments and style choices in the mock class I created were driven by those requests).

This next item includes 4 modules that I drafted for a course dealing with A Christmas Carol and 1 module that I composed focusing on the novel Little Women. I’m not a K-12 classroom teacher by any stretch of the imagination but I had a lot of fun pulling together resources and activities for the assignments. You can view PDFs of the sessions I designed and built in Blackboard below:

Note: Embedded YouTube videos appear as rather large blank areas in the PDFs. Unfortunately, the main image of this particular type of embedded content does not appear to translate into the PDFs.